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Browbird MYO Entry - Vidulfr by Tytoquetra Browbird MYO Entry - Vidulfr by Tytoquetra
after a week of fooling around with colors, I finally have my little rock monster

gonna add some more details soon, but wanted to get the gist of it out before the deadline

The contest (4 DAYS LEFT):  {Browbird MYO Contest} + Kitbull Raffle [1 week!]

★ Updates ★
8/31 - Update on the extension possibility!
So I have been debating this a lot, and I have received a lot of pressuring responses privately, and many people being very entitled about getting an extension. Please do not do this! I understand some really would like an extension but it is very unfair to us running the contest.
Anyhow, I want everyone to know my choice was not a result of those messages, and was because I decided it would be best. The contest will be extended from September 3rd to the new end date of the contest, September 10th. You can view the new countdown clock here<

Name: Vidulfr
Alias(es): Vid
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 4''
Magic: METAL POWERS (uncommon)
Traits: Neck Fluff | Boar Horns (UNCOMMON) | Stripes | Diamonds | Blazing Crest (UNCOMMON) | Long ears | Long Tail (UNCOMMON)
Personality: Curious | Sensitive | Worries easily | not booksmart in the slightest | Dreamer
Likes: Long walks | his trusty pipe wrench, Ellie | Naps | Making metal sculptures | meditating | Warm weather | being outside | exploring ruins | studying runes/ancient art | close friends
Dislikes: Rust | winter | anything cold/freezing | judgement | too many bad puns 
Occupation: Explorer
Bio: (I'll try to keep this short)
When Vid was young, he would often sit outside and daydream, much to the concern of his flock. He enjoyed being alone and was very quiet, but still deeply cared about them. He was still seen as weird, though he didn't mind much. He never understood the big deal of wanting some time to himself.
He was laying outside one evening, trying to make shapes out of the clouds. Above, he saw an animal, flying toward the mountains. It  very colorful and majestic. He never saw one like it, and enticed by its beauty, he followed it deep into the nearby forested area. Vidulfr watched it land on a log, and approached it too fast. Frightened, the beast ripped its claws over the boy's face, making two long slashes into his skin and two large pieces of his left eyebrow were torn away.
Worried about what his flock would think of how his eyebrow looked, he didn't return home afterward. Instead, he ran deeper and deeper into the woods to the point where he didn't know where he ended up. Tired from running so far, he crouched under a tree and cried himself to sleep. He kept traveling further away from his home for the next couple of weeks. In one of the hollow shells of towns and ruins, he found Ellie, which he carved the name on and kept as his go-to weapon. The origin of the name is a mystery.
He was wracked with guilt with every passing day, feeling like he had made a mistake by leaving with no word. Hopeless, he continued on alone anyway. Eventually, he found the creature again, this time with intent to take its life. He set traps all over the area, additionally scouting around for it in case the traps failed. He wasted three days waiting, but it paid off when it was caught in a net. As he walked up to it, though, he still couldn't finish the job. He realized it wouldn't do anything to destroy it. His eyebrow wouldn't grow back, and he wouldn't find his way home. He let it go, and it flew off. He never saw it again.
All he's doing now is finding a person, or a group of people, to be a part of. A hobby of his, is finding ruins, exploring them, and sketching down the locations in his book.

Tried to be accurate to Browbird culture, but if I misread or didn't so something right, let me know :heart:

Browbirds, a CLOSED species (c) AgentCorrina 
T-Lahti Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Oooh, I like the pattern and colour scheme. But hey, dude... Your hair is on fire
Rainbow-Foxy Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2016  Student General Artist
this is gorgeous, holy shit
Tytoquetra Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2016   Digital Artist
thank you! /=v=\
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